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Who’s got time in the morning to dice melon, juice oranges, deseed pomegranates and grind up chia seeds? Not us, we just blend and go. We were so frustrated at the time it took for cafes to make smoothies from scratch that we pioneered the ‘Made-Easy-Smoothie’.

A modern-day frappé doesn’t necessarily even have coffee in. Our standard flavour is vanilla, but with a drizzle of syrup you can create any flavour you choose! You can create hundreds of flavours simply by adding a single espresso or a squirt of syrup.

Forget about purple dust in a teabag,
this is a whole different kettle of err, fruit. We invented our Fruit Teas 18 months ago after a trip to Switzerland where the range of fruit teas frankly blew our mind.
And the UK is meant to be the home of tea!