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Love Taste Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Many of our smoothies are available online and also from Ocado. Find our full range of vegetable and frozen fruit smoothies on our shop page. Our Fruit Smoothies.

Why Love Taste?

Delicious, award-winning fruit smoothie mixes developed by a Michelin starred chef and expert sports nutritionist. Great value and taste. Quick and easy to make: take 30 seconds to blend, no mess and no waste. No additives, sugar or ice: just 100% fruit. Good for the planet: vegan, non-GM and plant-based

What Makes Love Taste's Frozen Fruit Smoothies so Good? 

Love Taste work with incredible nutritionists to develop incredible flavours and packed full of healthy goodness. Our frozen fruit smoothies are made from 100% natural fruits and come frozen to your door. We deliver our smoothies fresh and still frozen using our innovative packing solution. 

How Can You Get Our Smoothies?

You've most likely already tried our vegetable and fruit smoothies. We deliver to over 6,000 outlets worldwide who stock our incredible products. Just to keep you all sweet we also supply and deliver directly to you. You can find all our frozen fruit smoothies on our website right here.

Find Out More About Our Frozen Fruit Smoothies?

If you're a commercial customer or just fancy finding out more about our smoothies then you can get in contact with us. Visit our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.