Can I order directly from you?

You sure can! We have just launched 4 different bundles that you can
purchase here. 20 sachets per box, delivered straight to your door!

Is there a delivery charge?

Nope! Delivery is free of charge.

When can I expect my delivery?

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. Please note that orders placed during a bank holiday weekend might take longer than expected but please contact us should you have any questions.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We don’t currently ship our bundles outside of the UK. We do however have distributors in various countries throughout the world, get in touch and we will be able to advise you further.

How do I become a trade customer?

We supply through wholesalers, give us a call on 020 7378 8332 and we will be able to recommend the best options in your area.

Will you be expanding the home delivery range?

We have initially launched with our core 12 smoothies, but will definitely
be looking to expand the range in the near future!

How do I make the smoothies?

Simply add 200ml apple juice to the blender, empty in contents of sachet and blend for 30 seconds. If the blender sticks add a splash more juice and re-blend.

Do I have to use apple juice with all the smoothies?

No not at all! We think apple juice is a great base for all of our smoothies, but things like coconut water, almond milk, or even water with a dash of maple syrup work a treat!

Can I add other ingredients to the smoothies?

Absolutely! Our smoothies taste great as they are, but definitely can be pimped with your favourite ingredients, don’t forget to show us on Instagram @lovetasteco

Is there a returns policy?

Unfortunately, as a food product, our smoothies cannot be returned

Who do I talk to if I want to know more, track my delivery or have a complaint?

Please call us on 020 7378 8332 or e-mail info@lovetaste.co

Do you supply blenders?

Yes! We supply the best commercial grade blenders which are perfect to use with our smoothies. Check our Equipment page.

Do you have any marketing materials we can use?

Yes, lots of lovely, sale-enhancing point of sale like table talkers, posters and menus. Visit our POS page here.

What are the nutritional values of each smoothie?

The nutritional values of each smoothie can be found on each product.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The smoothie sachets and dry ice sachets are both recyclable

The cardboard box is FSC* Box - this is recyclable

Woolcool plastic outer - is recyclable

Woolcool - is natural and goes in your cardboard recycling

* What is FSC?

FSC helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC system can help you to choose wood, paper and other forest products such as cork and latex from well-managed forests and/or verified and recycled sources.